Blue-Belton English Setter Female
Date of birth: 15th of August, 2012
by Ch. MultiJCh. JBIS Set'r Ridge's On Broadway "Joseph" & Int.Sh.Ch. MultiCh. Set'r Ridge's Young At Heart "Marli"

Show Results:
International Show Champion (C.I.E.)
Champion of Hungary
Champion RKF
Champion of Russia
Cruft 2014 and 2015 Qualifications
14 x CAC, 1 x RCACIB, 6 x CACIB
10 x BOS, 4 x BOB, 2 x BIG2, 1 x BIG3
Best Junior In Breed at int.all breed show
BPIB and PUPPY BIS at MSKAO club show

AV - basic exam for HSP/HWP incl. water and field work - 27th of April, 2013
VAV - hunting licence - 3rd of August, 2013

Health Results:
BAER test: hearing normal both side
BVA HD 3:3


Ch. Multi JCh. Set'r Ridge's On Broadway "Joseph"

Ch. Set'r Ridge's Royal Heir Ch. Wildwood's Full Metal Jacket
Ch. Set'r Ridge's Heir to the Throne
Set'r Ridge's Enlightened Ch. Set'r Ridge's Anticipation
Ch. Set'r Ridge White Light

C.I.E. Multi Ch Set'r Ridge's Young At Heart "Marli"

Ch. Set'r Ridge Smooth Operator
Ch. Set'r Ridge's Select Gold
Ch. Set'r Ridge All Kid'N Aside Of CW
Ch. Set'r Ridge's Pure Gospel Ch. Set'r Ridge's Gold In Platinum
Ch. Set'r Ridge the Gospel Truth