Princess Pride Just To Be With You

Blue Belton English Setter Female
Date of Birth: 28. 01. 2015.
by HJCH Tattersett Master Minded & Princess Pride Cambridge N.G.

Amy is taking part in search & rescue dog training

Health results:
BAER test: hearing normal both sides
HD: BVA HD 6:5
PRArcd4: CLEAR by parents


Tattersett Master Minded
BVA HD 3:3, BAER normal

SH CH Tattersett Doctor Woody (JW) SH CH Wansleydale Witch Doctor (JW)
BVA HD 8:6
SH CH Tattersett Double Desire (JW)
BVA HD 5:4, BAER normal
SH CH Tattersett Air of Elegance BVA HD 1:0, BAER normal SH CH Caleydene Endeavor for Elmwood BVA HD 5:5
Tattersett Against All Odds BVA HD 3:2, BAER normal

Princess Pride Cambridge NG BVA 2:5, BAER normal

Ch. Multi JCh.
Set'r Ridge's On Broadway "Joseph" BVA HD 7:4, ED: free, BAER normal
Ch. Set'r Ridge's Royal Heir OFA Good/Elbows/Thyroid/BAER
Set'r Ridge's Enlightened OFA Good/Elbows/BAER
Ch. Tattersett Hibernica BVA HD 7:3, BAER normal Tattersett Final Edition BVA HD 6:5, BAER normal
Sh.Ch. Tattersett Colours BVA HD 5:0, BAER normal